The Best Deer Hunting and Whitetails Tips to Know Before you go the Mission!


There are many tips out there on how to hunt whitetails. Some people say that hunting around other people’s property is illegal, while others say that it is legal. There are many sides to those facts. There are tips below on how to hunt deer or whitetails.

Tip 1: Baiting the whitetail

There are no laws that prohibit baiting whitetail in Missouri, and it is excellent to know that it is legal to bait whitetails in Missouri. Do hunters bait every deer they see, or they don’t? If you bait, will you get more deer? What does bait mean? These questions leave the hunter feeling confused and doubtful.

Usually, the young hunter sets some bait and catches the whitetail off guard. Senior hunters will want to take the challenge and hunt the deer the old fashion method. It is more challenging, and they feel that it is more rewarding. Most hunters do not bait because they think it is wrong to do so.

Some hunters feel baiting is so wrong that they don’t do it. So is baiting deer unethical? If there are laws that baiting is immoral, what about if I hunt duck and geese? Either way, baiting is alright, at least in my opinion. Giving the deer some food and calling a few deer sounds are known as deer baiting.

Tip 2: Rifles and Guns

Cold beer comes to mind with the thrill of the chase when there are rifles in the sentence. Strange enough, moving from Missouri to South Carolina, it is legal. Some places allow you to use guns for hunting deer as early as before autumn. It is one of the best secrets of whitetail hunts in South Carolina.

These deer are galloping around in August, and it is an excellent opportunity to hunt down a deer. These deers aren’t careful and won’t disappear quickly. They are predictable, and they are GAME. The South Carolina officer knows the game season every year, as he sees it every year.

There are three different game zones, one, the rifle and bow hunt, then the archery season in two weeks. These are the prime dates to nail one whitetail down with a gun. These dates are online, and the officer encourages people to read about the details so that they can get ready for the big game.

“You need to tolerate heat and make sure to have the patience to snare the game.”

Tip 3: Spearing a Deer

It seems uncommon that people should be catching deer with a spear, but here we have it. A primitive style of hunting that works. How often do you see people spearing a whitetail? Never. There are better odds of me dancing in a bamboo skirt on an audition for American Idol than me spearing a whitetail. I can’t even throw a knife, let alone a spear.

There is one extraordinary guy named Tim Wells that can spear deer and he is actually on TV. However, after watching his TV shows, I have gained some tips:

Tips by Wells:

  • Put some stands over deer trails
  • Hang the stands higher so that the deer do not detect them
  • Keep three spears next to you
  • Throw when the deer comes along
  • Practice before the big season.

This is a legal method. Why not try this tactic out before the big season?

Tip 4: Hunting Bucks In The City

Urban deer are increasing in populations because there are hunting laws in certain areas that avoid people from shooting them. Whitetails are running loose in metropolitan areas. We need hunters, yes, we need hunters! If these deers are the cause of car accidents, it is time we romp the area with a gun. Those people that hunt whitetails need to start driving the car down to hunt these slick animals. One of the best bucks that I have ever killed in an urban deer. If it is in the city, use bows. No guns. It was in a somewhat populated place, and I nailed my deer.

Tips on urban buck hunting:

  • Make sure to say helo the residents nearby.
  • Focus on small wooden huts.
  • Apply the hunting knowledge you already know.

Tip 5: Invade bedding areas

Hunting a deer near bedding areas does not decrease your chances of snagging a whitetail. If you want to pursue a bedding area, you have to wake up early. You need to wake up early to catch Mr. Horn. “I was in the dark for three hours, then came my chance when the herd came in.” There was a lot of deer walking beneath my stand. I managed to kill one after missing the first two. The deer parade was 45 minutes, and I managed to snare my whitetail.

The deer was then dragged on top of my SUV, where I drove home my prize. I was delighted that day. I even created a Youtube video on my channel on how to snare my whitetail, and I got 30K likes on it, which is like, a lot! However, my wife wasn’t so impressed with my catch. However, I annoyed her by telling her that she was my whitetail, and I caught her too!

Tip 6: Shoot when laying on the floor

I’m not talking that you sit on your belly waiting to snare the deer. You need to crawl on your belly several hundred yards into the bedding area where you ready for the trophy to arrive. Not many people can tell you if they did this, but if you heard a success story, it is a great tip!!


Spend time looking for deer

Use this method if you want a short trip of hunting

Make sure to have knee pads

Make sure to have a soft surface below your jacket

Roll on one side to prevent body aches.

Don’t hesitate when you get a chance to shoot the deer.

These are one of the best tips for hunting deer in your area, so make sure to read these before the next hunting trip.


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